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Atomizer Heads at Joyetech UK

We are proud to offer a well varied range of atomizer heads, including those for Eleaf and Wismec branded electronic cigarettes. Joyetech has produced many class-leading atomizers over the years, from the eGo-T Cone, which revolutionised the e-cigarette industry by offering vapers what is often considered to be the first true atomizer head, through to the innovative NCFilm Heater, which can last up to 3 months before requiring a replacement.

With a vast selection available, some of which are better suited to certain vaping applications than others, we explain the different types of atomizer heads available to help you make the best choice.

What is the Function of an Atomizer?

Atomizer heads (also known as coils) are usually small, cylindrical pieces of metal which house a coiled wire and cotton (often called wicking material). The atomizer sits within an e-cigarette tank and is immersed in e-liquid, which ensures that the cotton receives a consistent supply of e-liquid to prevent something known as a ‘dry hit’.

The atomizer head is powered by the battery on an e-cigarette, which heats up the coiled wire within, atomizing the e-liquid and producing vapour that is then inhaled. All atomizer heads have a ‘resistance’ value measured in ohms, which determines the amount of power that should be used to produce an optimum amount of vapour. Depending upon the atomizers resistance, a different vaping experience can be achieved.

Higher Resistance Atomizers

Atomizer heads which have a resistance around 1.2ohm and above would be considered to have a higher resistance in today’s electronic cigarettes. A high resistance atomizer is generally found within lower power electronic cigarettes designed to provide modest amounts of vapour, and more restricted draw, or ‘mouth inhale’. Examples of such atomizers would be certain options of the EX and BF atomizer heads.

Lower Resistance Atomizers

Known as ‘sub-ohm’, low resistance atomizers are usually considered to be anything from 1.0ohm and below. Low resistance atomizers mostly provide much more vapour and an open draw which requires a direct inhalation. These types of atomizers are found within e-cigarette kits and tanks which are able to provide more power. An example of this would be the ProC range.

It is worth noting that not all low resistance atomizer heads are designed for a direct inhale, with some catering to those who prefer a more restrictive draw instead. These atomizers can still produce a relatively high amount of vapour and a good example of these would include the BFHN atomizer heads.

No matter what type of atomizer head is required, we supply a full range to compliment every electronic cigarette we stock on our site.

If you are still unsure as to what would be the best combination, why not contact our team on 01254 264 118, or via our social media for real-time advice.