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E-cigarette Mods & Batteries at Joyetech UK

Here you will find the latest e-cig mods and replacement batteries, we stock all the latest vaping technology and innovations. Whether you require something more compact and discreet to use whilst on the go, higher power outputs or removable batteries, all vapers are catered for.

There are different types of e-cigarette batteries and mods available, which we will break down below:

Integrated E-cig Batteries

These batteries appear in different shapes and sizes and feature an integrated, rechargeable power source. From circular and slim designs through to the larger ‘box’ shaped e-cigarettes. If a compact battery is preferred, then something like the EXCEED D19 would be an ideal choice, especially when paired with the EXCEED D19 e-cig tank, which results in a slim device that can be taken anywhere.

E-cig Mods

Sometimes a higher powered e-cigarette is needed, and these usually come in the form of a more bulky device. Sometimes referred to as a ‘box’ mod, a prime example of this type of unit would be the ESPION Tour, which would be well suited to someone who prefers to use e-cig tanks that demand additional power, or a vaper who places more emphasis on extended battery life.

Removable Batteries

E-cigarettes with removable batteries have become commonplace over the last few years. One advantage to using these batteries includes not having to wait for your e-cigarette to recharge, as a fresh battery can simply be inserted if a separate set of batteries and appropriate charger have been purchased. 

The most common removable battery is known as the 18650. These cells are used in a majority of e-cig mods today and provide reliable power output and charge capacity. There are other types available such as the 21700, which offers more battery capacity and potential power output when used within a compatible e-cigarette.

We even have the Batpack, an electronic cigarette which runs on AA batteries, and serves as just another example of the forward-thinking innovation that creates a product portfolio catered to all.

If you are still in need of advice about what e-cigarette mod or battery is best for you, why not contact our team on 01254264118, or via our social media for real-time advice.