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E-cigarette Tanks at Joyetech UK

We supply a full complement of e-cigarette tanks, which serve to highlight why Joyetech is so firmly cemented within the vaping industry as a leader of innovation. Our range of tanks are ideal for those who are new to vaping, all the way through to experienced vapers looking for a sub-ohm solution. By selecting one of our e-cigarette tanks, you are assured of quality with every purchase.

In order to help break through the oftentimes confusing e-cigarette jargon and discover your ideal e-cig tank, we have broken down the different types available to allow a more considered approach:

Mouth Inhale E-cigarette Tanks

Often referred to as 'Mouth to Lung' or 'MTL' for short, this type of tank features a more restricted draw, meaning that vapour is firstly drawn into the mouth, before being inhaled into the lungs much like you would do with a regular cigarette. A higher nicotine strength of e-liquid is most often used for this tank option in order to more closely mimic the sensation of smoking.

The EXCEED D19 would be a good starting point for most, as it is uncomplicated and uses an exceptional atomizer head designed to provide a vaping experience more akin to cigarettes. Another option is also available in the form of the EXCEED X, a high quality tank that can be used with a wide range of batteries.

Direct Inhale E-cigarette Tanks

Known also as 'Direct Lung' or 'DL' when abbreviated, this type of e-cig tank uses a much more open airflow, meaning that the vapour would need to be directly inhaled into the lungs. Generally these tanks will feature a low resistance atomizer (often called ‘sub-ohm’), which in layman’s terms means that more power output is required for it to function. Lower strength nicotine is usually advised, as the higher power allows the atomizer head within to produce significantly more vapour than standard tanks, which can make high strength liquids feel overly harsh on the throat.

The ProCore Air tank is an ideal choice if larger clouds of vapour are desired, and the accompanying ProC range of atomizer heads are available in different resistance options to help tailor the vaping experience more closely to personal preference. Another well suited device would be the ProCore SE tank, which uses the same ProC atomizer head range and comes stylishly encased in a full smoked glass surround that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Rebuildable E-cigarette Tanks

Aimed at the more experienced vaper, these tanks require the cotton wadding housed within the atomizer to be changed periodically, rather than the whole atomizer head. Whilst this may sound somewhat daunting, it is relatively easy with our range of rebuildable tank options to do this without hassle.

If exceptional flavour and vapour is a priority, the RIFTCORE DUO surely ticks these boxes. With incredibly easy to replace cotton strips and innovative ‘heating plate’ technology, the RIFTCORE DUO would be ideal as both an introduction to rebuildable tanks, or to add to an existing collection. Alternatively, the Cubis Max and its film heating element provides a unique way to rebuild, without the hassle of constructing coils, whilst the sliding top refill system is particularly convenient.

If you are still in need of advice about what e-cigarette tank is best for you, why not contact our team on 01254 264 118, or via our social media for real-time advice.