About Us

Joyetech is the world’s leading electronic cigarette manufacturer that has been at the forefront of the industry since 2007. Whilst the industry is very young compared to most conventional consumer product sectors, electronic cigarettes are products that are currently catalysing the transformation of a century’s old market for smoking and tobacco related products. Joyetech is at the epicentre of this global transformation.


As a company, Joyetech recognises that customers demand, quality of product, brand integrity and continuous improvement of product and services. Like no other manufacturer this is understood by Joyetech. It has taken a leadership position in the industry. Even in the industry’s short life span, Joyetech has been responsible for the development of a number of defining technical developments that have become deeply established in the market. Firstly, the 510 atomizer, which was to provide for the first time a stable and high quality atomizer that could meet, and indeed exceed, the user’s expectation. From the 510 atomizer, was developed the eGo. This product is recognised globally for its performance and quality, matched by no other mass produced product. Within the eGo, Joyetech has shown its leadership and continuous development intent. The eGo was transformed in 2010 with the design of the ‘Tank System’. The eGo-T revolutionised electronic cigarettes by the use of a large capacity fluid storage and delivery system which gave the user a device that no longer required continuous fluid dripping or complicated maintenance requirement. In 2011, the eGo was developed further with the launch of the eGo-C. This 3rd generation eGo provided a solution to the customers’ demands for a cheaper atomizer system and one that prevents valuable material being discarded when necessary atomizer replacement was required.


One of the consequences of Joyetech’s success is the significant amount of patent and trademark abuse it has sustained. This endemic abuse has led to a large market for fake Joyetech products. These products are often of very poor quality and performance and they and their manufacturers have contributed to a significant amount of customer dissatisfaction in the quality of product and related customer service. Joyetech and its distributors have struggled in our attempt to elevate ourselves and discriminate our products against this background.


This need has led to a strategic shift in Joyetech’s marketing. All Joyetech’s products are now fully branded. No longer for example will you find any eGo variant produced by Joyetech in an unbranded Joyetech package except when branded by one of our core branded partners such as Totally Wicked E-Liquid and The Electronic Cigarette Company. Here in the UK, Customers can now more readily discern low quality counterfeits and allow directly for Joyetech to take the necessary action against those producers that continue to exploit trademarks and copyrights.


This site is the e-commerce portal provided by Joyetech UK, an independent company working in formal strategic partnership with Joyetech. Our purpose is to provide the opportunity to buy branded Joyetech products in the UK. Until now, Joyetech products have only been available via The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC) and Totally Wicked E-Liquid brands. We will provide the fullest range of Joyetech core products, both electronic cigarettes and e-liquids to customers who can be safe in the knowledge that these products are Joyetech designed and manufactured and that only the best customer services will be accepted as our benchmark.